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Choosing or designing the floor plan for your new home can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. When deciding on your floor plan you need to consider whether it suits your lifestyle — is there enough room for when you entertain? Will the design be suitable for young children? Are the stairs going to be an issue? It would be best if you also considered whether the plan would suit both your current needs and your future needs. 

Here are our top tips to consider when deciding on your floor plan: 

1. The block 

The size, width and length is a huge factor when deciding on your floor plan. It often recommended that you have a specific lot selected before choosing a floor plan, this will narrow down your options and allow you envision how your home will sit on your site and ensure that your floor plan selected will fit. While this may help narrow down your floor plan search, block sizes will still allow flexibility — each of the Monster Homes floor plans can be altered to suit your needs.

“I often see people getting caught up on the small details and dismissing plans that may suit their needs yet not their block — what they don’t realise is that we can simply adjust the size of plan or certain spaces to make it work.” Rodney Flood explains. 

2. Budget 

The bigger the home, the more it costs. For example, an 11m x 22m home with four bedrooms, two living areas, study, and alfresco could be about 325sqm, where you can find a floor plan that has the same number of rooms in an 8m x 19m with 263sqm — some floor plans may have areas that you could consider wasted space. Talk to one of our specialists to discuss how you can maximise the design of your floor plan to suit your needs and budget. 

3. Functionality 

It may seem obvious, but you need to imagine how you envision living in the space — will you be starting or extending a family here? Will you be entertaining often? Do you prefer your bedroom to be at the front, back or heart of the home?

Look for a plan that will allow the northern sunlight to the living areas, alfresco and kitchen, while ensuring the bedrooms are located on the south side. If you plan on raising a family there you might want to ensure that there are enough bedrooms and possibly a kids playroom, or maybe you want to have pets, you should consider whether there’s enough of a yard and if there’s a way your pet can get in and out of the house if necessary.

The team at Monster Homes prioritise your needs and will ensure that you have a floor plan that’s just right for you. You can browse a range of existing floor plans on our home designs page.

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